14 July 2014

June a month in review

Let's get this out up front - I LOVE travel! Whether it be exploring off the beaten track locally or taking on a big overseas trip. I love it. I love exploring new cultures and the history that so many other places have that Australia just doesn't provide. In Australia we are a multi cultural society, we a surrounded by many cultures and beliefs everyday, but i feel we do not have a true identity of our own, rather than a mixture of those that have made this great country. Unlike European countries that have centuries of history, culture and architecture. I have always geared to learn more and discover more.

So any time spent travelling is a wonderful time for me. June was an exciting month as me and the man and his little man took ourselves across to the USA. While the main point of the trip was Baseball (a under 15s junior tournament that the little man was lucky to get accepted into) I still managed to find sometime to soak in the culture of middle America and thoroughly enjoy myself in the bargain.

So here is a little snapshot of the month that was June spent travelling around the USA. From Dallas, Texas, to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina to finally Cleveland, Ohio. We sampled baseball in as many places as we could. A long with a lot of food and wine!

We arrived in USA and spent our first night enjoying Texan hospitality in Dallas

Enjoying our first Texan meal

The Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium and the HUGE TV suspended above the field

Bumble (my travel companion) enjoying nearly a Litre of Powerade for $0.80

Ranger Stadium and our first Major League game

Sipping the frozen delights at the Baseball

Our farewell Texas meal at Dallas airport - BBQ Brisket rolls - for Breakfast

Bumble keeping watch as we flew from Dallas to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Sampling some Southern Style Steak at Longhorn, Myrtle Beach

Bumble and my Man enjoying the Sun

The Kangaroos Under 15s Team - The reason we were in USA

Go Boys!!

I love a good sunset - this one in Myrtle Beach

Cheering on our boys in great Australian style

Taking in the sights of Myrtle Beach watching the catfish feed

Seeing the Minor League Myrtle Beach Pelicans play

Our first squirrel sighting!

We like to think of this as a salute to Australia's Green & Gold - Thanks Myrtle Beach

Taking in the river front at night

Sightseeing day at the beach

The beach from the Ferris Wheel

The Wheel

Home made lasagna I made for the parents on our last night of the tournament. No points for presentation but it tasted great!!

Bumble found a new friend!

We made it! The home of the Cleveland Indians!

Everything is so much bigger in the USA. 

This is what ticking a box on your Bucket List looks like. One happy man walking not eh field of his dreams.

The men soaking up the view on the field.

Gotta go to Hard Rock Cafe.

Cleveland Indians Team Mascot - Slider

Ballpark food.

A little shopping.

Indians Wins! Walk off Grand Slam in the 12th Innings!!

Hanging at the ballpark pre game.

Friday night fireworks at the park.

Icecream Dippin Dots - Bizarrely tasty.

Sunset in LA on our way home.

Sunrise somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

A little math about our holiday - 
  • 23 x Days
  • 6 x USA States
  • 9 x Flights 
  • 9 x different airplanes
  • 8 x different airports
  • 15 x games of baseball
  • 3 x Bucket list items completed
  • Lots of burgers and fries
  • Countless laughs
  • Great friends
A great holiday!!!

Now to get over the jet lag and the acclimatisation to the freezing Melbourne winter.