28 October 2013

Crushing On - Candy Bars

We have an event coming up at work next month where we want to offer a Candy Bar as part of the food options. This has started me looking around at options and noticing the use of these great ideas as part of catering at all sorts of functions. Including a fundraising lunch I attend recently, where there wa small Candy Bar on each table with volunteers selling little paper bags for you to get your fill. What a great idea.

I wanted to share my research with you. What do you think? Do you like the idea of a serve yourself Candy bar? have you seen one that you liked or perhaps put one together for your own party?

Macaron Tower

Cupcake thanks to Amarantos Cakes

Cakes and Macarons on the table

Candy Bar at St Kilda Youth Services Gala Lunch

Colour coded Candy Bar

Another beautiful Candy Bar - Love the use of glass jars

Cake Bar - Marie Antoinette Style - Taken from the Sofia Coppola movie

More Cupcakes and Candy from Amarantos Cakes


23 October 2013


A few beautiful sunsets from my balcony recently for you to enjoy. Bring on summer!

Beautiful Melbourne!


21 October 2013

Ramblings & Blog Links

Apologies for the silence recently. Work seems to have a funny way of taking over and by the time I have gotten home recently the last thing I feel like doing is jumping back on to a computer since that is where I spend my day for work.

But this got me thinking and reading about Blogs and why I chose to start this one. Most Blogs sit idle within a few months of being started and according to some study this seems to be due a lack of passion for the topic chosen to blog about.

Another interesting fact is that it is said that you should pick a niche, a particular subject that you are passionate about to blog about rather than being a generalist. This way your readers get to know what to expect and those passionate about your particular subject will find you and follow you. While this makes sense to me on one hand, I find my self in a quandary as to what particular thing should I focus on? Should I pick something? I my blog pointless if I just cover the random things I love and the concept of celebrating life whenever possible each day?

I started this blog as a way to voice my (many) thoughts and share the things that I love. I like the idea of leaving a virtual and visual diary for family and friends and complete strangers. I also like the idea of having somewhere to write. I have always enjoyed writing and whenever I am called upon to share an update of an event for work I like to tell a story and set the scene. 

Which brings me back to the concept of this blog. I love so many things and in this technological age there are so many more things to see and experience then ever before. This is my space to record and share some of those things. And hopefully along the way, i find a few like minded friends who wish to share the journey along the way.

Is it ok for me to share all the things I love or do I need a direction? Do people want to read about food, fashion, life, happiness and ramblings in one place or are they only looking for blogs that contain a particular interest?

I have taken much inspiration from fellow bloggers and admittedly most of them have a particular focus to their blog. So in the honour of sharing the love (and inspiration  here are some of my favourite blogs to read. (In no particular order)

Food Blogs
Half Baked Harvest
How Sweet It Is
Take a Megabite
What Katie Ate

Interiors & Design
The Decorista
La Dolce Vita

Carla Loves Photography
French Essence - Also great for anything French and ponderings on life

There are many others that I read daily and I look forward to sharing these with you in time.

Another favourite things for bloggers to do is introduce a series of posts on a particular day of the week or month - ie recipes on Tasty Tuesday, Links Sharing, Crushing On etc etc. This sounds wonderful in theory and I look forward to getting to the stage where I can schedule posts and create a few series of my own. I am thinking Recipes, Sunsets ( of course), Travel, Fashion, and Thoughts on Happiness to start. So here goes...

More regular and consistent posts on the way.


10 October 2013

Fashion Love

It's been awhile since i have shared some of the fashions and items I am loving at the moment. So let's move away from my holiday snaps, my work events and my culinary skills to things more exciting and lustworthy. Here's a little bit of girl fashion porn of the things that have caught my eye recently.

What is not to love? Thanks Jimmy Choo. I am a size 6 if anyone needs that for an Xmas present.

Loving these Tom Ford Gladiator Heels

Love these!

I love the 60's flick

A perfect bright pink hue

A pop of colour

Ted Baker Handbag. The closest I have seen to the neon handbag I crave

New Summer range from Witchery. Again with the pop of colour

 A little bit of glam for today.


09 October 2013

Lemon Curd

After my weekend of home grown country hospitality and food I was inspired to send a little thank you gift to our hosts including some homemade Lemon Curd. (Or Lemon Butter as we call it.)

I am sure most families have a recipe that Nan made, and we are no different. Though over the years this has been adapted for different tastes and technology. The recipe I used this time was from the Donna Hay Classics 2 cookbook. But it is a simple mix of lemon juice, butter, sugar and eggs. My secret is home grown lemons. The juice is just so much better than the ones you buy in the store. I also throw in all the egg rather than separating out the whites. 

I hope the jar gifted will be enjoyed as much as I am enjoying slathering mine on freshly sliced crunchy crust bread today.

Homemade Lemon Curd


08 October 2013

The 15th Deni Ute Muster

I am back after a crazy weekend at the 15th Deni Ute Muster. Held of course, in Deniliquin, NSW. What a crazy weekend of utes, cars, car enthusiasts, sun, dust and country hospitality.

Over 20,000 people, over 15,000 cars, utes and caravans. 9 bands, 500 portable toilets, 100 portable showers and 4,00 people in blue singlets (Going for a Guinness World Record Attempt). At least 50,000 cans drunk, 10,000 dagwood dogs eaten and 15,000 coffees poured and drunk. It was a long, sunny and busy 2 days!

Firstly thanks must go out to our hosts for the weekend for such a great stay and for getting access to the event from a fundraising capacity in the first place. While everyone else was enjoying the onsite facilities we had access to hot showers, warm beds and amazing food. Thanks Shane and Roxy! You guys rocked!

To those with no idea what I am talking about - a Ute Muster is like a fashion parade for utes. They line up all polished and pretty for judging. Then they get out on the track for some circle work and engine revving. It's all muscle and grunt.

But it is not all about the cars. There is an amazing array of artists who round out the event with concerts. This year's line up included the Sunny Cowgirls, Grinspoon, Kasey Chambers and Alan Jackson. There is also the many market stalls selling all things for your car, and life in the country.

Competitions, raffles and ferris wheels rounded out the event experience. That's where we came in with our fundraising activities focused on our Coin Toss. Stand behind the line and toss a coin into the tin on the back of the ute and get a ticket in the draw. Who knew people were so competitive? 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and helped us raise an amazing $4,500 over the weekend.

It wasn't all work for me, with my brother attending the event for the 6th time, I made sure I had some time to catch up with him. A memorable couple of hours spent int he Family Camp section with him Saturday night. (We kept away from the 'Feral' section where everyone camped in swags and partied till the sun came up.)

Here are a few snaps from the Friday (as we were too busy on Saturday to take pictures).

The Main Stage - Thursday Night before the crowds

The Camp Quality Yellow Ute - Ready for Coin Toss contestants

Stand behind the line and toss your coin in the bucket

Lightning McQueen made a special appearance

Lightning looking bright and shiny - before the wind and dust settled

The giant Kangaroos that roved around the site all weekend added to the entertainment

It's a shame I didn't get time to make it onto the Ferris Wheel for a birds eye view of the arena. Looking forward to seeing the official photos and hearing just how many people were there.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make it a great weekend. Who knows. we may be back again next year!

And to leave you - sunset over Deniliquin Ute Muster Site.


04 October 2013

September Highlights

I love looking back over the photos in my iPhone and seeing what caught my attention this month. From photos I have taken to things I have saved from Facebook. It's great to see the the themes evolving and the experience si have had. After my last share all I thought I would make this a regular thing to look back at the month that was.

So here is September in a snapshot or two.

Sunset from my balcony

Ceiling at the NGV, Melbourne - I attend a luncheon with Rachel Griffiths as the guest speaker

I found this quote the day I booked my Fiji trip!

Sunset in Fiji. Bliss

Six days of nothing but reading and relaxing in the sun

And swimming in water that was a very pleasant 24 degrees!

Getting up early for sunrise in Fiji

Loving this new look from Alannah Hill SS13/14 collection

Homemade seafood laksa overkill. Amazing but way too much to eat

Morocco or Brazil (Can't remember) but loving the colours and architecture. Both are on my travel list.

Sunset reflected on the Sydney Opera House

My October issues of my favourite magazines ready for Sunday afternoon (A secret pastime of mine)

Grand Final Day snacks - as always I over cater!

What an amazing month. I wonder what October will bring??


03 October 2013

A Busy Weekend Ahead

Today I am off to the Deni Ute Muster, in Deniliquin NSW, for work. As the charity of choice for this massive event, it's all hands on deck this weekend to raise awareness and funds. I can't wait to share some pictures and stories with you all when I return.

My brother, who is attending this year too, tells me it is THE major event on the ute enthusiast calendar. I'm looking forward to sharing this country institution with him and raising some great money to boot. (ha no pun intended).

So this little city girl is heading back to the country to regain some of the of the things she left behind when she moved to the big smoke and embrace all that this weekend offers. I wonder what they will think of bright pink gumboots???

Plenty of pictures to follow when I return!


02 October 2013

From Food to Drinks

What Island holiday is complete with a long cool cocktail? None that I want to go on anyway. While I had a great time sampling the food in Fiji I also had fun working my way through the extensive cocktail menu as well. Wanted to share a few of the tasty creations with you from my week in the sun.

Everyones' Beach Favourite - Pina Colada

Keeping me hydrated between cocktails - Fiji Water

My old school favourite - Midori & Lemonade

My new favourite - Absolut Mandarin Ruby

Midori Splice

Made cool again by Sex and The City - The Cosmopolitan

And there you go. The last of my Fiji holiday updates. From the picturesque views from my deck chair each day, sunsets galore, food and drinks and my reading list, you have a capsule of my most relaxing 6 days in the sun. I highly recommend a tranquil solo break to anyone suffering from the stress that comes with our current need to be plugged in and switched on all the time. And if you are looking fora wonderful place to stay where the staff a friendly, the weather perfect and the quality great, check out Sonaisali Island Resort in Fiji.